Intern Spotlight 2017

By Justin Ciferno,

When I began my studies at The Ohio State University pursuing a B.S in Business Administration 3 years ago, I was anxious and confused. Confused about how to manage school, swimming, and new friendships, and anxious because so many opportunities lie ahead. Within a few months I had swimming and friendships figured out, but it took me 2 years to mold my ideal curriculum. I crafted an investment focused degree by concentrating my studies in Finance, Real Estate, and Economics. In an effort to discover my passion I began searching for internships that offered exposure in various areas of investment. That is when I came across a job opening on my school's career website, for a company called Nascent Group Holdings, seeking an analyst.

A holdings company, by definition, has ownership in many different businesses. Having the ability to experience multiple disciples all at once provided the greatest chance to come to an understanding of how I wanted to begin my career.  NGH opened the door to a whole new side of business that school could not. Participating in live business calls and negotiations, meeting with entrepreneurs and interviewing them about their companies, and developing business strategies are just a few of the things I’ve gotten to be a part of to date.

By adopting the entrepreneurial mind set at NGH, I learned to utilize my knowledge and reasoning to forge a solution for each unique task confronting me. At NGH, I have applied the technically skills I’ve learned in school, as well as personal skills I’ve developed over my life to help expand the business. Whether it is valuing a company, assessing a property, or developing relationships with brilliant entrepreneurs and business people, I have grown as a person and as an aspiring investor.

From the very beginning I was treated like an asset to the team. NGH is a team oriented business that realizes the value in all its members. From day one I was encouraged to provide my opinion and always felt that it was respected, and considered by everyone.  What makes working with NGH unparalleled to anything I’ve been a part of before is not only the personal and professional development I’ve acquired, but the values and goals of the company. Everything NGH does is conducted with the utmost integrity. NGH has taught me that at the end of the day, it is not profit that matters, but creating lasting relationships and a better tomorrow.



OSU Fisher College of Business